Thursday, January 15, 2009

success story of ipod - a lesson from steve jobs

Walkman was synonymous with portable music and then came the Apple with its definition of a walkman which was the iPod and that just razed the competition to ground. It is said that now all competitions do not have as much sales as the iPod’s. IPod is a great product with great thought about convenience and special design.

This is the hallmark of a good businessman who knows what to expect of the competitions then work towards destroying it.

product or service - which is better business model

You need to be doubly sure about an product or a service that you are launching and for that you will have to be in the market place and take the pulse of the market. Read the competitors and the devise a game plane. This game plan has to have long term and short terms goals. It is these goals which will always keep you on track.
So learn these lessons well and you are on track for a good business to flourish and grow.
There are examples of businesses in the corporate where the busyness launched the products after reading the competitors weaknesses and strengths and that has simple provided them with enough arsenal to destroy the inventor.

Failures are stepping stones to success

The failures can lead to potential big gains because of the fact that failures in life can lead to vary good and great things which will help you reach success.
Business world is full of stories of people who never gave up on anything and just kept on going forward without looking back and they became the most successful of businessman in the world. No amount of failures can daunt them.
Think of businessman like Bill Gates and he dropped from Harvard, then there is Ted Turner of CNN and also the most maverick of them all Donald Trump and he has bounced back so many times that he just cannot be called an entrepreneur but a person who has defied all odds and has been successful.

Goals of a business

These goals are measurable and have to be update on a monthly or a quarterly basis to achieve the successes.
What is a success, Well success in nothing but something which is achieved by achieving your mission and vision in life?
As a businessman there is nothing which is not about passion. It is this passion which can overcome any obstacle in life as well in business. Those who are passionate about business will leave no stone unturned to make their business as success.

Achieving success in the business

Mission, vision and values are of prime importance for the business so you need to make sure that you have enough of business acumen and knowledge to write a good mission in life as well as business.
That mission in life is actually what will determine your guiding mantra in defining the vision of the company.
What is a vision – Vision is the long term guiding goal to which you have to achieve. This is not a long term goal.
Business goals are the measurable things that we need to have so that you reach the vision easily.